About Us / Who we are


Offering the highest possible quality in landscape photography is our mission, from the point of capture to the point of hanging your new piece on your wall. To provide optimum quality, customer service and premium products is our goal.

Over the past ten years we have evolved our photography business dramatically. We now offer a one stop shop, where we provide our customers with a portfolio of photographs spanning many parts of Australia, ultimate quality printing options and immaculately presented framing and finishing options. For us the past five years has seen the growth of our gallery space in Bungendore and the refinement of our complete production line within our own dedicated workshop. We have invested our time and efforts into creating a workshop space that provides the entire spectrum for framing production using the best methods and materials available from adhesives, aluminium substrates to acrylic coverings.

We have also spent much of our time traveling in Australia on dedicated photography trips, allowing us to add to our ever growing portfolio and to offer amazing variety in our work. We have traveled a lot of Australia with the main focus being our trip for three months in 2014 when we undertook Western Horizon and our trip for four months where we traveled north for Northern Horizon.


Another big part of our focus is to evolve and offer exclusive and very practical photography tours and workshops. Paul has worked with hundreds of people since the birth of this offering in late 2012. Our Tours are now also a bigger focus than ever, taking people to some amazing places within Australia to offer sound, succinct and expert advice on landscape photography and how to get the results.


It has been very important to us to create trustworthy and dependable partnerships within the business sector so that we can continue to provide great products and services. We work closely with CPL Digital for all of our large format printing needs and Vision Image Lab for our film processing needs.

Paul Kowalski Photography Gallery
25 Malbon Street (Kings Highway),
The Village Square, Bungendore,

Tel - 0423 597 371
Email - contact@paulkowalski.com.au