Since the start of the journey Paul has been using film for his landscape photography. There is a richness and craftsmanship that comes with using film for his photography that keeps Paul loading the medium into his panoramic camera. For Paul, there is nothing like the feeling of putting a fresh set of films over the light box, the anticipation to finally see those tangible records of light is always high.

Film offers beautiful reproduction qualitites, dimension and comes with a necessary need to slow down and wait for the scene to be as perfect as it can be, film takes a lot of time. Paul takes on a few philosophies in his photography, they are a 'one shot mentality' - where each single photograph is created in camera to record the scene and the other is to post process photographs as little as is needed to match, on screen, what is seen in the colour, film transperancy on the light box.

"In a very digitised world I am drawn to the tangible aspect of film more than ever before, it just seems to work for me and my photography. Film adds risk, challenges and failures but I feel that these aspects keep me sharp and in tune with my photography. Film also keeps my fulfilment level very high when I get it right. I am not one to chase, upgrade my gear a lot or talk about megapixles, I am deeply passionate about being out there in that very special moment when the elements come together with my camera. Being in that moment, with the knowledge that I am able to record a scene and reproduce it with immense quality, size and clarity from a single photograph, is a massive aspect of why I use film. Even in my time as a landscape photographer I have seen immense changes in the photography world and I have embraced them with open arms, but for my personal landscape work, I just can't go past film"

The other, and perhaps most important philosophy of Paul Kowalski's work, is to produce large scale framed prints that make the viewer feel as though they are within the scene. The medium format used allows that to occur as prints can be created very large.

Film predominantly used - Fuji Velvia 120 roll - ISO 50 & 100


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